WhatsUp – An Astronomy/Astrophotography Planning Tool


WhatsUp is a tool to help any Astrophotographer plan their night under the stars. If you’ve found yourself always hitting the same objects every night, this tool will help introduce you to some other objects you may not have considered.

WhatsUp allows you to filter out objects which will be behind your tree line or in a less than ideal part of the sky. If you want only Nebula and Galaxies, you can only include those. If you want to be sure these objects will stay in you sweet spot for a 3 hour session, you can select that as well. Only want objects which will fill your chip? You can narrow in on the sizes. If you want to see some images of an object on your list, just double click and a Google Images page will pop up with more images than you can imagine.

Once you have a list of objects that meet your criteria, they can be exported to a file or even cut-n-pasted into Excel!



-For Detailed Description of all of the Fields in WhatsUp, please go here.

- Whatsup is Now Completely free!!!

-Discuss Whatsup with others at the yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/whatsup-astro

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Click to join whatsup-astro

Here's a screen shot showing a typical use. It shows all objects (except Open Clusters) that will be above 45 degrees elevation and are between 0-270 degrees az and will be there from 7:56PM-8:56PM EST on 3/10/06.